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More information on this is available here. To gain access, you will need a GoFundMe account. If you already have an account, sign in and register your charity here. MightyCause provides fundraising solutions for small businesses and nonprofits. Only nonprofits have access to MightyCause Advanced, which includes more tools and analytics. Learn more on their nonprofit hub. MobileCause makes software nonprofits can use in fundraising. Features include donor reporting, text-to-donate, and online event planning.

Where the previous section dealt with raising funds, the companies in this category will help actually get the funds from the donors to you. Payment processing services make donating to your nonprofit as easy as a few taps on their phone or tablet, removing inconvenience from the list of reasons to put off making a donation.

These are the best nonprofit discounts on payment processing services that we could find. Braintree is a payment platform that makes accepting payments easier and aims to boost revenue. They offer a reduced per-transaction fee of 2. In order to get the discount, you can contact the sales team at Braintree.

Payline is a payment processing company with products for in-person, online, and mobile payment processing. Their services include a hosted payments page for c 3 organizations and businesses with small product lines. Learn more on their site about nonprofit payment processing. PayPal is an online-payment-processing system for sending and receiving payments. Charitably-focused c 3 organizations receive discounted transaction rates on online payment processing: 2.

See how to apply here. Stripe develops payment processing software equipped to receive payments securely from all major credit cards, digital wallets, and bank debits. Nonprofit organizations that use Stripe to receive charitable donations are eligible for a discounted transaction rate: 2. Visit their site to learn how to apply for the nonprofit fee discount. Not everything about a nonprofit organization faces outward. This is our collection of nonprofit discounts on customer service software, financial management programs, and tools for recruiting and HR tasks.

Bullhorn is a cloud-based recruiting software and applicant tracking system. They offer different discounts depending on the type of organization, but have a nonprofit form you can fill out for more information about the kind of discounts your NPO may be eligible for.

Chatfuel, a chatbot service, does not offer discounts on their plans but does offer a free, pre-built template for setting up a nonprofit chatbox. Fyle is an expense management platform that allows your organization to easily keep track of all expenses, set up automated reconciliations, reimburse employees, and more. Chat with them on their website or email them at hello fyle. JazzHR provides recruitment software that assists in the hiring process, making it easier to find and manage job candidates.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking and social media channel. LinkedIn for Nonprofits is where they showcase their products and services that are specifically geared toward nonprofits — including hiring, fundraising, and training resources.

LiveChat is a helpdesk program that lets a customer service team create and manage help tickets. The LiveChat for Nonprofits Program offers free services for nonprofit organizations. To apply, visit here. PagerDuty develops operations solutions for customer service and incident response needs. They offer discounted Impact Pricing for select nonprofit organizations nonreligious, not healthcare-related.

Nonprofits can sign up for the discount through this application. Small Improvements is a suite of feedback tools useful for performance reviews and setting employee goals. More info is available on their site.

Need to update your training resources to help bring employees up to speed quickly and effectively? See more here. Xero is a suite of accounting software for use by accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

With their software, you can track bills and accounts payable, accept invoice payments, approve expense claims, and reconcile bank transactions. Additional information for nonprofits is located here. Working in the digital age is complicated. There are so many apps, programs, and tools to be used throughout the day, and sometimes the same information needs to be used in several different programs.

Some of these will help automate your workflow by doing repetitive steps for you, and free you up to focus on other tasks. Others will help you to plan and organize your tasks and projects to let you keep working at a productive rate. You can fill out a simple form on their website to claim the discount. Formstack is a productivity platform revolving around organizing paperwork at your organization.

With Formstack, you can prepare, access, and sign all of your forms and documents from anywhere. In order to receive the discount, your organization will need an active Formstack account with a Silver plan or higher.

You can organize projects through workspaces, schedules, and automation tools. They offer a discount on yearly plans for nonprofit organizations. Further details can be found in this support page. SyncApps by Cazoomi is a data integration tool for syncing organizational data between different programs and applications, cutting down on data entry efforts.

Learn how to apply here. Todoist is productivity software that mixes the item-checking satisfaction of a to-do list with group project planning and delegation. The program integrates with dozens of other apps you use, allowing you to manage your tasks and time commitments across several different systems at once. You can apply for the discount on their nonprofits page. Zapier is a tool designed to automate connections between online apps and programs.

Workflows can be set up to perform tasks automatically when triggered by certain events: for instance, you could set up a workflow that uploads files to Dropbox when an email with an attachment is received.

More information and the application link are found on their Zapier for Nonprofits page. As the need for remote work pushes more and more organizations into a digital workspace, the need for healthy online collaboration has never been higher. This list includes nonprofit discounts on project management software, text, audio, and video communication services, and other collaborative tools. To claim the discount, you need to sign up for a free trial, and then email Basecamp with a copy of your c 3 status.

More information can be found here. In order to apply, you must sign up for a day free trial, and then fill out an application. Further info on how to apply is available at their website.

GanttPRO makes collaboration software designed for project planning, team management, and budget tracking. Visit the site to apply for their nonprofit discount. Google for Nonprofits is an offering from Google for free services for nonprofit organizations. To receive this deal, your organization must be registered as a charitable organization, be verified as a nonprofit organization by TechSoup or the local TechSoup partner, meet the requirements in your country , and agree to the Google for Nonprofits Terms.

You will request a Google for Nonprofits account and have to provide information about your organization to be verified. Miro is an online whiteboard program made for team efforts such as brainstorming, project planning, and group decision making. The platform features dozens of templates designed for different types of analysis and strategy planning, and is designed with both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration in mind. Apply for the discount here. Teams large and small can use Slack to communicate and collaborate on projects in real time.

Learn more about eligibility and the application process in their help center. TeamViewer is a remote access and support program that can be used to implement technical support in distance-work scenarios.

They offer a discount off of the list price to nonprofit organizations. Sign up for the discount through their nonprofit application. Trello is a Kanban-style visual project management tool that for-profit and not-for-profit organizations use to organize project schedules and measure progress toward goals.

The discount does not apply to academic or religiously-affiliated organizations. Their help page provides more information on how to apply for the nonprofit discount. Workplace is a suite of online collaboration software that facilitates online group work, instant messaging, video conferencing, and news sharing.

Eligible nonprofit organizations can receive the advanced version of the software for free through the Workplace for Good program. The well-known video chatting software is available at a discounted rate through TechSoup; see deal here.

Do you have a slideshow presentation to pull together for your board of directors? Want to survey your supporters to find out what you could be doing better? Need to get some TPS reports filled out by this afternoon? The service includes form templates for donations, contact info, and event registration. Forms integrate with dozens of other apps and software, including many on this list.

Learn more and register on their site to start making forms for your nonprofit. To apply, contact them at business 1password. If you plan to shop for multiple products at once and the amount of money can be in a shortage, please take a short visit to CouponsDoom. Our platform updates thousands of available coupons for customers to choose at any time they want.

View more. Non-Profit Discounts. Zoom offers discounted products to non-profits through our partnership with Tech Soup. Access Discount. You get unlimited cloud storage for your meeting recordings, a discount on the webinar and Zoom …. Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings. Try Zoom for as long as you like – there is no trial period. Both Basic and Pro plans allow for unlimited meetings, ….

Here are just a few ways nonprofits can use Zoom: Donor …. You can use Zoom products to communicate with colleagues, partners, donors, volunteers, and constituents in meetings and webinars. Eligibility and Restrictions If eligible, your organization …. The Zoom Discount Programme. Get video and web conferencing software for your nonprofit or public library through Zoom for Nonprofits at TechSoup Canada. You can use Zoom products …. The world has profoundly changed several times over in the past week or so.

Millions of nonprofit workers are suddenly working remotely for the first time ever and find …. Grab yourself a bargain with this Zoom 20 Percent Off Coupon code. Shop zoom. Expires: Jun 12, …. Zoom don’t offer the discount directly – you’ll need to sign up via a partner.

The way this works …. In the navigation panel, click Account Management then Billing. On the Billing Information tab under the Sold to ….

Zoom Audio Plan, Zoom Phone, and cloud recording are excluded. All are …. Formstack provides registered non …. Zoom makes video and web conferencing frictionless. Founded in , Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with a secure, easy platform for video and audio ….

Zoom Meetings combines video and audio conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one platform. The moment you organize a march, a volunteer campaign, a viral video campaign like the Ice Bucket Challenge , or a fundraiser, you can have your administrative staff informed of each of their roles and on task with a few clicks of your mouse.

Since Zoom has basically no learning curve, your staff can learn to use the software easily and communicate with one another within minutes of deployment. This reduces how much effort and capital has to be spent on visiting satellite offices just to see how your staff is doing. Despite what people say about a business, there will always be customers to buy their products as long as those products are up to snuff.

This right here could create a weakness. Criticism creates a deeper wound in your organization than it would in a run-of-the-mill shoe shop. The best way to fix a crisis is to prevent it from happening at all. Zoom for nonprofits can help you do this easily. Also, in addition to Zooming with your staff, you can Zoom with the public through Zoom Webinars.

This will allow the outside world to enter a dialog with your organization. If you post the webinars on your website, everyone who visits will be able to see what questions were asked and how you handled them.

This kind of transparency is respected.



Does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits. Zoom Discount Program


Using the bargaining power of more than 2, nonprofit members, the Dicsounts Council of Nonprofits MCN has established partnerships with service providers that your organization needs to successfully accomplish its mission.

As an active MCN nonprofit member, you benefit from established businesses, from banking to office supplies, insurance to web services, continuing education, and more! With GrantStation, search thousands of carefully researched profiles of private, government, and international funding opportunities, can change zoom without signing in – can change zoom background without in: addition to using the variety of grants research, writing, and management tools and resources to enhance your grant writing and development strategies.

MCN is currently seeking nominations to serve on its board of directors beginning January To nominate yourself or someone else, please visit www. Member Discount Partners. Does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits to Access Member Partnerships To access member cost savings, or to see a full list of MCN cost-saving partnerships, log in using your individual MCN online account username and password.

Office Depot OfficeMax is a full-service does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits for office supplies, print and document services, cleaning and breakroom ofr, technology, and office offee. Bremer Bank offers MCN members lower-cost banking, higher yield investments, and employee banking packages throughout the state and online. Members are eligible to receive additional basis points that are between.

Bremer Insurance provides nonpfofits nonprofit community access to a wide range of comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions.

With over 85 dedicated professionals, Bremer Insurance is well suited to meet the needs of nonprofit clients by working with them to customize affordable insurance programs tailored to перейти на страницу their individual needs.

Gallagher provides benefit, HR, and compensation consulting that assists in the attraction and retention of нажмите чтобы узнать больше employees, while at the same time managing costs. Rewards are witnessed every day in changed lives and empowerment. By increasing negotiating leverage due to economies of scale, and reducing the administrative burden that comes with offering benefits plans, BenefitsMN is able to provide cost-effective and comprehensive health plan options for MCN member nonprofit employers.

Unemployment Services Trust UST provides nonprofits with a secure, cost-effective alternative to state unemployment taxes. Nonprofits can pool their resources to pay only claims incurred, saving a substantial amount of money.

UST’s program works best for organizations with 10 or more paid staff. Once your questionnaire is submitted, a representative of Bremer Insurance, who markets this product on behalf of MCN, will contact you about your quote. Divvy is a spend and expense management software paired with a smart Visa business card that allows users and does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits owners to quickly and easily manage their day-to-day and monthly expenses.

MCN is a proud partner dose and user of Divvy, providing members access to this free service to help does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits get better control over their business finances. Your organization pays nothing!

Discounts are guaranteed for the life of the account. Thomas is proud to partner with MCN in advancing the common good by offering ссылка на подробности percent off their non-degree Executive Education programs, applicable to those who are MCN members or part of a member organization. Employee Assistance Programs EAPs are employee benefit programs offered by many employers and are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being.

Verified Volunteers provides a background check platform tailored to the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. MCN members receive a discount on volunteer screening services along with access to a platform designed to make volunteer screening faster, easier, and less costly. Peace Coffee believes does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits coffee non;rofits much more than just a commodity. Coffee is essential to weekends and workdays, brunches and bundt cakes, and everything in between.

Peace Coffee is committed to furthering the health does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits growth of our environment and society through their organic and fair-trade coffee and tea. MCN members are eligible to receive a special discount on coffee purchases for your office.

With a mission to contribution to its customers’ financial success, TASC eiscounts innovative riscounts, educational opportunities, and excellent customer service. MCN members are eligible for administrative services for FSAs and can receive a 25 percent discount on all first-year does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits setup fees and annual administrative fees. The Nonprofit Quarterly is a unique magazine dedicated to encouraging democracy in the nonprofit sector that provides leaders по этому сообщению management information and proven practices.

It provides information on topics such as does zoom offer discounts for nonprofits, financial management, planning, evaluation, and fundraising. Wilderness Inquiry is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit that provides outdoor adventures for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. WI travels to over 35 destinations by canoe, sea kayak, dog sled, horse pack, and back pack. Midwestern Higher Education Compact MHEC is an interstate organization that sponsors a variety of programs to reduce costs, increase student access to college, and inform policymaking through targeted and timely research and читать больше. Minnesota Budget Project Subscribe.


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