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Do You Know the Best Positioning for Your Computer Screen? – ViewSonic Library.1. Desktop & Start Menu – Windows The Missing Manual [Book]

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Selecting this option resets everything back to default settings. If you like your Start menu to look like it did in the good old days, with only the left side showing, you can do that, as shown in Figure Figure

How to make computer screen straight – none:. Do You Know the Best Positioning for Your Computer Screen?

Aug 16,  · Some graphics cards allow the user to rotate the screen by holding Ctrl + Alt and pressing one of the arrow keys. For example, pressing Ctrl + Alt + down arrow inverts or flips the image on your screen upside down, and pressing Ctrl + Alt +up arrow would put it back to normal. Note This method only works with some video cards. Open the Make the computer easier to see page by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Ease of Access, clicking Ease of Access Center, and then clicking Make the computer easier to see. Select the options that you want to use: Choose a High Contrast theme. This option allows you to set a high-contrast color scheme that. Oct 04,  · Hold down the CTRL and ALT keys simultaneously and then press the Up Arrow key while you continue to press the CTRL and ALT keys [3] If you find yourself switching between different screen orientations often, you may find it helpful to create your own hotkey Note: You can only create a hotkey if your device uses Intel HD Graphics.


2 Simple and Easy Ways to Rotate Your Computer Screen – wikiHow – How to Toggle Rotation On or Off

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