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How to use zoom app on mobile for teaching.Pedagogical Considerations for Teaching with Zoom

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No matter where education takes place, Zoom can help engage students, разделяю how to share zoom link meeting просто, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration.

See how Zoom supports remote and hybrid learning environments for how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching and secondary schools, how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching higher education. Deliver online and hybrid learning, better engage students through impactful virtual experiences, and expand access to education. Improve learning experiences, and enhance student engagement with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools.

Provide flexible work environments to ensure continuity of academic services and communications across your education enterprise. A complete unified communications platform that enables new ways teaching, learning, and working across educational environments. Waiting Roomscustomizable virtual seating chartclass recordingmulti-pinning and multi-spotlightand other features help you manage your online classes. One-click content sharingannotationdigital whiteboardingBreakout Roomspolling посмотреть больше, reactionsand high-fidelity music mode encourage participation and student engagement.

Closed captioning, live transcription, keyboard shortcuts, and other accessibility features give students access to the services they need. Zoom was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, recognizing our unified video meeting, phone, and messaging solutions. Nearly 30, teachers and more thanstudents in Los Angeles Unified schools use Zoom video conferencing for education.

With campuses in 20 countries, Zoom helps OneSchool Global provide a sustainable, scalable, and secure learning experience for students around the world. Request a Demo 1. Zoom for Education No matter where education takes place, Zoom can help engage students, faculty, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration.

/1028.txt Now Contact Sales. Teach Anywhere Deliver online and hybrid how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching, better engage students through impactful virtual experiences, and expand access to education.

Learn Anywhere Improve learning experiences, and enhance student engagement with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools. Connect Anywhere Connect outside the classroom with other students, parents, and your education communities. Work Anywhere Provide flexible work environments to ensure continuity of academic services and communications across your education enterprise. Flexible plans for education, with no student licensing required. Education plans.

Why Zoom for Education? Connect your Education Ecosystem A complete unified ссылка на страницу platform that enables new ways teaching, learning, and working across educational environments. Zoom Meetings. Zoom Video Webinars. Zoom Rooms. Zoom Phone. Zoom App Marketplace. Zoom Resources for Education. Hybrid learning solutions Resources for hybrid education. Education funding Use government funds for education. Live webinars Attend a training session.

Video tutorials Getting started with Zoom. Customer stories How education institutions use Zoom. For your hybrid classroom. For remote teaching. Setups for effective teaching. Your Trusted Продолжить in Education. Read the report. How Global Educators Use Zoom.

Learn More. OneSchool Global With campuses in 20 countries, Zoom helps OneSchool Global provide a sustainable, scalable, and secure learning experience for students around the world. All rights reserved.


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The location of your recordings depends on how the meeting was scheduled. Cloud recordings are usually available within a few hours of the end of the Zoom meeting in the following locations:. The recordings section of the Zoom web portal allows you to and Panopto Course Videos both allows you to delete, edit, view manage recordings and chat not private chat , manage availability and allow download, but Panopto Course Videos is managable by the entire course staff, not just the scheduler.

Students will consent to a quarterly download agreement before being able to access Panopto or Zoom so should you want to make recordings downloadable, you may but we recommend you enable downloads in Panopto. You can find a list of participants and their email in the Zoom web portal under Reports , if you scroll to the far right of your meeting, and click the number of participants. Mini-explanation: You can present a slide presentation to further explain a topic that was only touched upon in class or if several students ask the same question.

Sessions can be recorded and shared for later viewing. Zoom meetings accommodate up to concurrent attendees so you can host online review sessions leading up to a midterm or exam or an entire lecture. Before starting the review session, we advise muting all remote students and asking a TA to monitor questions in chat.

You can also create private breakout rooms for smaller group discussion. Be sure to record the session and share it for students to view later. Stanford University link is external. Use Zoom to support your course. On this page: 1. Determine where to schedule your Zoom Meeting from 2. Change your Zoom settings 3. Decide if you need help during your meeting 4. Schedule meeting 5. Send your students Zoom information 6. With one click in the app you can also create a calendar invitation with the meeting link and phone numbers to email to a distribution list.

When you start your meeting, you see the plain uncluttered screen shown below with a control toolbar at the bottom. Tools from left to right:. By understanding these few tools, you are well on your way to hosting a meeting. Zoom allows you to set up anonymous or identifiable respondent polls in advance or on the fly during the meeting.

With this tool, you can share your entire screen, such as a PowerPoint presentation or share any open window on your desktop. You can also share a white board for drawing sketches or writing mathematics formulas. If you want students to share their screens, you simply ask them to click on the icon.

As the host, you can stop the sharing if a student is unsure how to do this. You will find this tool helpful to provide comments to your class during a presentation or sending private messages to students about some aspect of their work. Screenshot with instructor video and chat room. The free version of Zoom allows only saving the file to your local drive, while the licensed versions additionally allow saving to the cloud. In contrast, saving to the cloud with the licensed versions is very convenient as Zoom e-mails you a video viewing link, which you can readily share with students.

Another feature of the cloud version is that Zoom can provide a written transcript of your session, the quality of which will naturally vary depending upon the clarity of the presenters. You will need to have someone type the conversation in progress for captions to appear on the screen or you can obtain a link to provide a simultaneous captioning service.

My suggestion if you want to have closed captions on a recording of your class is to upload the video to YouTube and use its auto captioning function. Once processed by YouTube, you can distribute a private YouTube link of the captioned video to students. You can ask Zoom to automatically assign students to virtual groups or you can do it manually. By default, Zoom numbers groups with the option to rename them. Time limits and a countdown timer can be set for groups and, as meeting host, you can drop in on groups to participate or observe.

This Zoom feature is especially helpful for large blended courses where lecture halls typically are not conducive to small group discussions. After participating in Zoom breakout rooms, students can report back on their discussions in the same meeting, or at the next virtual or face-to-face meeting. Screenshot showing breakout rooms and setup options. The remaining tools across the bottom, found by clicking on the three dots at the rightmost of the screen, provides for live streaming your Zoom session on Facebook or YouTube.

This is a very attractive feature if you plan to give a lecture to a very wide audience beyond your class, or if you want to have an open panel discussion, or have your students share their work more broadly. All staff and students at UTS have automatic access to a Zoom premium account without needing to sign up.

Open the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device — note that the screenshots in these instructions are from the computer app.

You will be redirected to a UTS sign in page. Go to the Play Store and install the Zoom app. Open the app. Click Continue. Go to the App Store and download the Zoom app.


How to use zoom app on mobile for teaching

ZOOM app allows students and lecturers to share the whiteboard, share the screen, add participants, mute participants in case of noise distortion, and upload. Using the mobile app · Scheduling a meeting – select ‘Schedule’, fill in the meeting details and select ‘Done’ · Starting a scheduled meeting –.


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Share screen. This allows the entire class to view one person’s computer screen. Students can even annotate a document on another student’s computer. Teachers can restrict this so only the teacher’s screen can be shared. Teachers can also disable the annotation feature so students can’t annotate.

This is a brainstorming tool that lets students toss ideas around, such as for a group project. Breakout rooms. The teacher can divide students up into smaller groups, then bring the entire class back together. Teachers can pre-assign the groups before class, assign them manually during the meeting, or have Zoom randomly break students into groups. Get more information on breakout rooms here. Raise hand, clap, disagree, speed up, slow down. These are icons students can use to let the teacher know they have a question or comment, react to something, or ask the teacher to talk faster or slower.

Private chat. Just like passing notes, students can send direct, personal messages to other kids in the class. The teacher can’t view private chats between students. The teacher can disable this feature for students. Teachers are using Zoom in different ways, depending on their skills, their students’ needs, and direction from their districts.

Here are a few specific ways teachers can use Zoom for distance learning:. Record and share lessons. Because many students do not have reliable internet at home or are sharing devices with other family members, asynchronous lessons — where students can view prerecorded lessons on their own schedules — make distance learning more equitable.

You can use the recording feature in Zoom to create video lessons, then share the videos with students to watch later. Teach live lessons. For schools and districts that have solved the technology access issue , synchronous — or live — lessons are an option.

Teachers set up a regular class time on Zoom and guide students through remote learning activities. Flip the classroom. With the “flipped” classroom model, teachers assign students new material to learn on their own videos, reading assignments, etc.

Use your live Zoom classes to answer questions about what students learned, and lead them in activities to apply their new knowledge. Office hours. Some teachers are scheduling regular “office hours,” which allow students to drop in and chat informally with teachers and peers. Circle time, story time, or show-and-tell days. This is a good idea in the event that you are unable to attend or are running late to your meeting.

Note that guest speakers do not need to be hosts; as participants, they can have sharing rights. Users designated as alternative hosts will receive an email with a link to start the meeting. The first alternative host to join before the meeting scheduler will be granted host controls. The scheduler can reclaim host controls by going to Manage Participants and selecting Reclaim Host.

If you want to make someone an alternative host for all of your meetings and allow them to schedule meetings for you, you can give them scheduling privilege over your Zoom account.

Alternative hosts have all the rights of the host, but cannot edit polls that the host created or download recordings of the meeting. Co-hosts are assigned during a meeting and have useful but limited capabilities.

For instance, they cannot start a meeting or create, move, or start breakout rooms. Regardless of whether you use the Zoom tool in your Canvas course, the web portal, or the app, when you schedule a new meeting, we recommend you change the following defaults:.

If you are using Canvas, share the Get to Know Zoom page from the Hub with your class so they know how to join your meetings. Use the Canvas Zoom tool to create and share meetings, or share it somewhere within Canvas. Students should not share resources shared within a class outside the class, including links to meetings and recordings. If you think students will have bandwidth issues, consider sharing your slides so they can follow on audio on the phone.

Previous Resource. Back to Collection. Next Resource. Twitter Facebook. Still need help? If you wonder about the prices, see them below. Learn more :. However, if you want to call someone using a phone, you should have a subscription. Skype has international plans at different pricing levels as well. Here are some of them:. Well done, amigos! It’s time to analyze a little and realize which app is more suitable for teaching.

New Paragraph. All 5 video conferencing apps are such good solutions for conducting classes. All of them are capable of making your lessons real-time if you find the one which meets your interests and needs the most. Some significant points to highlight:New Paragraph. These two charts indicated below, collect all the significant factors, functions, opportunities, missing points, etc. So do not lose time and go to discover more.

Still, thinking about the functions that these 5 apps offer? Ok, I will leave you with your thoughts only after telling you the last thing for today.

Always remember, whichever virtual teaching tool you choose, after all, make sure to use it effectively. No tutoring app or platform is perfect, but you can make your way as bright and successful as possible, making the most of them.

The ultimate platform that connects students, schools and management in one place. Rheinsberger Str. Book a Demo. English en. Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps for Teachers. Do you work remotely, having problems with your online lessons? Do you face difficulties while getting ready for online teaching?

Are you seeking more customized forms of learning? Do you want to bridge the distance between you and your students virtually? Skype 4. LiveBoard 3. Lesson Space 2. Google Meet 1. Keep reading: To know more about these apps To get familiarized with their functions and features To analyze the advantages and disadvantages To get acquainted with the plans and prices, Finally, find the best app to meet your needs. Skype offers audio and HD video calling features.

Share your screen. Record your calls. Easy-to-use app: You should visit their web page to get some information, then install the app. Besides, you can also start private conversations with anyone you want.

Skype provides live subtitles. But if your classes are not in big groups, it will not affect you. If your interlocutor is a foreigner and the language barrier gets in your way, you have to translate what is said by copying and pasting the message on another platform. The app picks up background noises easily. Source: Skype. LiveBoard works for both mobile and desktop users. Record your meetings and keep them in the cloud for further need. Real-time drawing. Multipage shared boards : you can also insert PDF documents and images.

LiveBoard allows unlimited boards , except for the free plan. Change history : If you ever make some changes on Live B oard platform, you can be sure that you can go back and see the previous version due to its good memory. You have a palm rejection function for free.

This means that you can sometimes rest your hand on the tablet, without worrying about leaving unwanted marks while working and taking pictures. You can combine Live B oard with other apps , such as Google Meet or Zoom, without having to choose only one of them.

Quick interactive quizzes and presence feature : Live B oard offers the presence feature to get aware when your audience is bored or not present.

To solve this problem and make your lesson even more engaging you can utilize the option of quizzes without any preparation. You just need to ask a question and wait for the answer. Sometimes the app crashes when the board opens. Only 2 plans support unlimited participants. Source: liveboard. Share your screen to show diverse documents, images, videos, etc.

Lesson Space makes it super easy to join a meeting. The students can join with a web browser.

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