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Higher screen resolution in VirtualBox? – Ask Ubuntu

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For example, you want to have the screen resolution precisely equal to the screen size of your laptop, but that resolution is not available. In such a scenario, installing VirtualBox Guest Addition comes in handy.

Step 1 : Open the terminal of the operating system and execute the command provided below to install some necessary packages for installing Guest Addition Image:. After installing the required packages, insert the Guest Addition CD image. Step 3 : Restart the machine, and if it gets successfully inserted and installed, the screen size will automatically be resized according to the size of the window.

The defined resolution can be less than or equal to the resolution of your physical monitor connected to your physical host machine. In our case, the monitor has the FullHD resolution x If you use Linux or macOS on a host machine, the configuration principle is similar — run VBoxManage with the similar parameters. When a VM boots, you will see your resolution in the display settings of the macOS guest.

There is still only one resolution parameter in the list, but it is x now instead of x seen previously. Press the combination of the host key and F. As an alternative to the key combination, you can click View in the VM window and hit the Full-screen Mode option. Since VirtualBox v.

Unfortunately, the current version of macOS Guest Additions does not contain macOS graphic drivers to change the VM display resolution automatically when stretching or maximizing the guest VM window.

Only the basic functionality is available right now, which means that you cannot use the same method of changing screen resolution as for Windows and Linux guest OSs running on VirtualBox after installing Guest Additions. We considered this method in the blog post about installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox. Installing Guest additions from online package repositories with your package manager is possible, but at this time there remain some disadvantages caused by package dependencies.

In order to install Guest Additions and make VirtualBox full screen for Linux guests, do the following:. Now you can change the size of the VM window, and the resolution of your guest Linux will fit the size of the VM window automatically.

It can also provide some additional security by isolating software and systems from the main computer’s hardware. In addition to VirtualBox, businesses and consumers interested in virtualization can explore other virtualization tools with slightly different features and price points, including Microsoft Hyper-V, the open source tool Qemu and Parallels for Mac computers.

Like on a physical computer, you can set the screen resolution of the operating system running inside of a VirtualBox instance. A higher resolution will use more pixels for a more detailed and sometimes more readable image, though it may use more processing power and memory. You can generally set the resolution of the virtual machine’s display using its own operating system. For instance, using Microsoft Windows inside a virtual machine, you can set the virtual machine screen resolution by clicking the “Start Menu,” choosing “Settings,” then “System” and “Display.

You’re generally limited in choosing a resolution based on the resolution of the underlying operating system on which the virtual machine is running, so you may need to increase this to maximize your VirtualBox Display Resolution. You can also adjust VirtualBox’s settings to give more video memory to your virtual machine, which may enable its operating system to output higher resolutions. To do so, click the “Screen” tab in the VirtualBox Settings menu and set how many megabytes of video memory you want to allocate to the machine.



How to change the screen resolution in virtualbox –

Aug 28,  · You can quickly “hint” the window to a specific size with the following command: VBoxManage controlvm | setvideomodehint . For example, if you have a guest called “Windows XP Pro”, and you wish to set the resolution to x at 32 bits per pixel (aka 32 bit) you would use the following command: VBoxManage controlvm . Mar 20,  · The VIrtualBox “Machine” menu’s Adjust Window Size does nothing interesting here. The Auto-resize Guest Display is greyed out. (So it Seamless Mode, despite the Guest Additions being installed.) The Virtual Box Runtime Attributes list the Screen Resolution as xx Everything else about Virtual Box is impressive. Start the VirtualBox instance and then wait until the operating is completely loaded. Then click on View – Virtual Screen 1 and select Resize to × Select View Full-screen Mode to make the whole VirtualBox instance full screen. This is how it looks like when it’s full screen.


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