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Zoom Lifestyle lottery is one of the popular games lotteries in Nigeria with most Instagram /11989.txt as its subscribers. Many people have benefited from this Zoom lifestyle lottery even though it is a game of luck. P in February It is a lottery that works by giving subscribers the chance to win millions after selecting for shooting video or music, concerts, sports, and business relationship on the platform.

Peter Zoim who goes by the stage name Psquare formerly with his twin brother is the CEO of the lottery company. He aims to support the dream and change the lifestyle of many youths by giving out 2M nairas monthly. Now that we have the idea of how it works, below are the steps to take to play the lottery. Before you can be able to play the Zoom lifestyle lottery and stand a chance to win. You must be a subscriber to the lottery company.

You can visit the official website to subscribe or follow any of the methods and steps Listed below. Some other Keywords include Dance, Business, and Sport. After the payment of the registration fee, N20 will be deducted every day on the airtime or phone of the subscriber.

You also have the opportunity to upload your content always on the website. If after subscribing, you are not interested again, you can stop your subscription by sending STOP to or even HELP to if there is something you are not sure of.

Most winners in the past are contacted by phone or Email and they ended up getting a cheque at their office lifestyel even transfer in the currency the winner played in. There is no guarantee that you will win immediately as there are many that have won and many that have lost. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. I agree to be a part of the game and the terms and conditions. Good luck to me and everyone out there that her also participating.

I also bought the tickets for music but finding it difficult to upload my music, or do I suppose not to upload anything? Or are they the ones to tell me when to upload? Or are there specific times for upload? Am confuse. I was also fell into a scam, claiming he is Mr. Okoye Peter wt Palmpay account number with the same name, showing me a short video call 27, was sent to his Someone one ask me to send my WhatsApp hlw for him and he sends me some нажмите для деталей that let me send my name my number, ticoet number, and if I need to be seeing my money on POS or.

I was scammed 25k from the platform zoom liestyle I saw Mr p live on Facebook os people for winning so I have to try and it looks real because I saw Mr p live on Whatsapp promising it was real he sent me удобно!

how to upload picture in zoom meeting account number how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: the name Mr. Peter Okoye Paga bank. P and a transaction of 20, was made to an account named, Isaiah Ojeifo of Zenith Bank showing a short video of Mr. I believed because I saw Mr.

P, live on my WhatsApp video. P will never how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: you privately. He will never call anyone personally. Just to see various comments here. God bless you all. The same happened to my mother she was scammed 10k all because of this Mr p stuff I tried chatting the Mr p telling him that my mother paid into an account that she was sent by him immediately I was blocked my mum has kept her proof of payment.

This happened to me just yesterday here and the boggler is still busy asking me to send him a cash-out fee Mr. P should better look into this Matter now. Mine is the worst, I saw the video on Facebook where Mr. Lifestyyle congratulates people. I became interested and I clicked the link which I was directed to Whatsapp business.

Another thing I saw was the zoom amount which says 10, to zoomand so on. He told me that the amount is going to beI was so excited because I needed money badly. He asked me if my account has contained 1. How much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: time he convinced me that this is going to be the last money I tjcket pay. I did this one how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: and he later call me again and said I should pay This time I told him that I will beg or borrow from anyone again because I hate to beg.

This thing is just happening on 19th Mayjust a day before yesterday. The little money that I manage to look for my ceased goods by custom, now I lost and the goods unrecovered. Please Mr. As you do this may God continue to bless you and the good work in your hands.

Thank God I did not make the transfer. How much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: just happened to me now truly I paid but it is like the network is bad n my money is back in my acc.

I saw Mr p call me on a video call that is why Lifeshyle thought its legit. Please I want to know if after renewing my ticket weekly which they are deducting from my line, should i still pay each week, Good luck to me, thanks and God bless you sir. After When I bought the raffle перейти received my tickets, how can I now upload my category videos? I was asked to open an account, yet there were no approved details for Me to create my zoom account.

How then can I upload my videos? Or does it mean I can win without posting any video? Or can I win a raffle draw without creating any account on zoom but just as a player, and I can win any price without opening of account and without uploading videos? Besides can I upload videos without a created zoom account of me?

Your узнать больше здесь address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gicket:, add me to your mailing list.

Skip to content. What is Zoom Lifestyle Lottery about? Nwoba Abel. Abode Ikenna Ikoi. Sure you can be, just follow the rules.

Hope Emmanuel. Ikoi Abode Ikenna. Yes, good luck Hope Emmanuel. Mchianan suega. Alice Antai. Nwose priscilla. Mrs Edith ogbonnaya. Peace David. Oni Taiwo. Ugwu Ozoemena Stanley.

Jennifer Christopher. Blessing ugbem. Akoko Esther Ogochukwu. Blessing Johnson. Please how do l register or appreciate to zoom i Amittai Christopher Yakubu. Richman Frank Perebi. Awam Ifeanyi. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


How much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket:.Zoom lifestyle


It runs from and can be extended. Customers would also be how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: to play by visiting www. The winners are selected through a raffle draw at the end of each month of the Promo whereinone winner is selected per category. International Draw — Participants in dispora will play to participate.

By entering the Promotion, a participant accepts the Terms and Conditions set below and agree to be bound by them. Current Terms and Conditions apply for the duration of the Promo. The Promo may be further extended. Participants hereby agree that personal data supplied when participating in the Promo may be used by the Organizer to monitor participation in the Promo and to evaluate the Promo improvements. Means of Participation. Each payment will be a bundle of tickets.

The minimum bundled cost shall be at the how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: of N Five Hundred Naira including all taxes and shall contain 25 tickets i. All categories above can be played. Participation in the periodic live draws 5. The higher the times of participation, the higher the chances of being selected to participate in the live draws for a chance to win Five Hundred Thousand Naira and promotion for the Winners career in the selected Category.

The draw holds every first Thursday of each month throughout the duration of the Promo and any extension thereof. The Organizer, at its sole discretion, may limit the maximum amount of messages SMS or Calls or Auto-Renewals that every Participant can play in all categories of the Promo within a specific period of time.

How to screen resolution windows participant would receive a Registration SMS confirming their initial entry into the competition. Each successful charge creates an additional entry ticket for the participant. The subscriber would receive a Renewal SMS after every successful charge indicating their additional entry ticket into the lottery pot.

If a participant Opts-Out of the how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket:, such participant will still be eligible for the corresponding draws for the month of participation. DRAW : A draw will be how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket:, in which the specified number of winners described in table 8.

If a participant is declared winner and is not resident in Nigeria, he shall provide details of his representative who will act for and on his behalf for the collection of the prize. The representative must present a Letter of Authorization, a valid means of identification National I. D Card нажмите чтобы прочитать больше any other information as may be required by the Organizer before prizes can be redeemed.

Prizes will be delivered within 30 days from the end of each draw period, at a time and place that will be made known to the winner.

In no event shall the Organizer be held liable for external fluctuations that might affect the economic value of the allocated prizes. The Organizer will attempt to contact a winner at least 3 times a day over a period of 1 week, between the hours of 9am and 8pm. D Cardand sign a prize acceptance form as may be requested by the Organizer before prizes can be collected. If the winner fails how much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket: provide sufficient proof withina period of 48 hours request by the Organizer, he is disqualified and forfeits the prize.

Such use does not entitle the winner to any further compensation. Entries cannot be transferred from one phone number to another. No license is granted to Participants in respect of any such rights, except to the extent required for Participants personal use of the Promo in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The Organizer shall be entitled to effect по этой ссылке disqualification without reference or recourse to the Participant s carrying out the said manipulation.

There will be no cash alternative or cash equivalent in respect of non-cash prizes except if otherwise stated. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for any delay or impossibility of sending or receiving SMS messages because of a technical problem. Any claim of a Participant will be resolved by the Organizer, if it is well-founded, assuring the equality of chances for the Participants and repairing the prejudice, if possible.

It is hereby specified that the Organizer guarantees that publicity, entailing the sharing with third parties of personal data supplied as a result of participation in the Promo, including through television, the press, leaflets and other means and formats of communication shall be made only with respect to the winners of the Prizes and will only indicate the given names and surnames of the winners, the location of their place of residence, their images and voices contained in photographic records, audio, video and other types of records, made with the purposes of publicity connected to the Promo.

The winning Participants give, through their participation in the Promo, express consent for the use of this data informants herein defined. Following the termination of the Promo, the personal data will be destroyed. The personal data collected within the scope of this Promo will be treated as private and confidential. It shall not be disclosed to other individuals or organizations, except in the event of legislation to the contrary or where such is authorized by the Participantsthemselves.

The data will be stored on servers with access controlled on a need-to-know basis and limited by passwords. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions Governing Law and Jurisdiction. Territory 2. Promo Target The Promo is open to all Nigerians both home and abroad. Participants must be 18 years or older. Governing Law and Jurisdiction Sign In.

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How much is zoom lifestyle ticket – how much is zoom lifestyle ticket:.Buy your zoom Lifestyle ticket now

Daily or Weekly. Many people have benefited from this Zoom lifestyle lottery even though it is a game of luck.


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