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Here is a breakdown of some of the key differences between Lead, Zoominfo, , Uplead and Apollo. For a more in-depth look including all features offered, check out these top 4 ZoomInfo alternatives below. Check out one of the Comparison Overviews or In-Depth Blog Posts. Lead vs. Apollo Overview or Lead Competitor Apollo Blog Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Zoominfo is a must have tool for market research intelligence. Reviewer Role: Product Management/Marketing. Company Size: 50M – M USD. Industry: Services Industry. Zoominfo is a powerful market research tool giving you very useful insights around organizational structures, personas, tech installment, relevant news. Who is Top. From the Top is an independent non-profit organization that supports, develops, and shares the artistic voices and stories of young classically-trained musician s. Through its primary platform, a weekly one-hour NPR radio broadcast, and nationally-recognized arts leadership programs, From the Top amplifies the hope, passion, and discipline of today’s extraordinary .

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9 Best ZoomInfo Alternatives & Competitors for Zoominfo is a must have tool for market research intelligence. Reviewer Role: Product Management/Marketing. Company Size: 50M – M USD. Industry: Services Industry. Zoominfo is a powerful market research tool giving you very useful insights around organizational structures, personas, tech installment, relevant news. Meet the world’s first Revenue Operating System. ZoomInfo RevOS is a unified system of data, insights, software and integrations that creates complete visibility into how to identify, engage and convert customers within your total addressable market. Request Demo.


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By: Gaurav Sharma 0 Comments. ZoomInfo is a leading business intelligence tool that combines a comprehensive business database with top-class technology. Trusted by thousands of salespeople, marketers, and recruiters, ZoomInfo fuels market strategies from start to end. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Table of Contents. One way to embrace a kickass lead generation strategy is to invest in a contact management platform such as ZoomInfo.

Lucky for you, there are several ZoomInfo alternatives that can provide similar or better features. Read on to improve your sales conversion rate by investing in the right ZoomInfo alternatives.

In fact, its customer base includes big names such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Salesforce. Leadfeeder is one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives to find qualified leads, no matter what the niche.

Like most ZoomInfo alternatives, Leadfeeder comes with a free trial for 14 days. Check out its plans:. Pro Tip : Trust Leadfeeder Academy for informative demos on using the tool, as well as for quick tips on generating new leads. ZoomInfo Alternative Lead is a premier source for verified leads that are difficult to obtain otherwise.

Lead offers customers the ability to build B2B email lists including B2B direct dials that are not only accurate but fueled by growth intent. Pro Tip : Lead sends out daily newsletters that are loaded with helpful information for marketing professionals. When it comes to data sets, Sisense is said to be one of the most robust platforms out there. More than 2, top companies rely on Sisense to unlock game-changing business insights, and for good reason.

Pro Tip : Reach out to the Sisense team not just for help with using the platform, but also for smart tips and hacks. AI is one of the leading ZoomInfo alternatives used by over k sales, marketing, and recruiting teams to maximize revenue and acquire their total addressable market. It has simplified the lead generation process for top B2B businesses, including Slack, Amazon, and Facebook.

This ZoomInfo alternative offers a 7-day free trial. You can upgrade to one of the following paid plans after the trial. Pro Tip : Using this tool, customers can search social media for qualified leads in their target market. ScopeLeads is one of the most reliable ZoomInfo alternatives for B2B lead generation and email prospecting. This tool allows customers to automate their sales processes, from generating hot leads to tracking their progress.

ScopeLeads doesn’t come with a free trial. You can choose a monthly or a yearly plan. In the case of monthly plans, you will need to pay:. Pro Tip : The cold email automation feature makes the entire lead generation process a lot smoother.

This tool is trusted by 95, companies globally and has a presence across countries. This 3-step sales intelligence tool helps sales teams set up and manage your pipeline for better conversions. Companies like Vimeo, Amazon, and Festo use Pipedrive to enhance their sales cycle. Pipedrive offers a day free trial. You can access this plan without adding your credit card details. Pro Tip : Custom dashboard with drag-n-drop interface allows you to get a complete view of your customers.

Overloop is a sales automation platform and one of the leading ZoomInfo alternatives that provides quality data. It helps increase the productivity of your outbound sales team and improves conversions for your business.

Zillow, Livestorm, and Rackspace are companies that are already using this tool to automate outbound sales. Pro Tip : Leverage the LinkedIn extension offered by this ZoomInfo alternative to discover emails of users and start real-time cold conversations and improve business opportunities. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence platform and leads the charts for ZoomInfo alternatives that help businesses scale by targeting the right prospects.

The tool offers real-time updates such as job changes for your prospects. It harnesses the power of a shared network to bolster business-client relationships and further the sales pipeline. The ZoomInfo alternative offers a one-month trial plan. You can upgrade to one of the three paid plans after the trial.

Pro Tip : Know the deals at risk, personalize email marketing and improve retention with this ZoomInfo alternative. DiscoverOrg, a ZoomInfo company, is also one of the prominent ZoomInfo alternatives that helps businesses build targeted sales lists that align with their marketing and sales goals. Pro Tip : Access real-time insights into your prospects, and build custom journeys to boost conversions. Mattermark ranks high as ZoomInfo Alternatives, allowing businesses to discover and track growing industries globally.

This lead intelligence tool helps with more intelligent targeting and faster business conversions. Pro Tip : Customize your scoring algorithm for the leads so that you get best-fit prospects for your organization. DNB Hoovers. With this platform, companies identify and target the total acquisition market.

Rackspace and Morningstar Inc. This ZoomInfo alternative has two types of plans — Rev. This ZoomInfo alternative gives your sales and leadership team complete visibility into the sales pipeline, deals, and market changes. The tool analyses customer interactions to build insights that back your decisions. Pro Tip : Use conversational analytics to segment your customers for better strategies to enhance conversions with this leading ZoomInfo alternative.

Another popular ZoomInfo alternatives tool, now known as Demandbase, provides account intelligence that helps businesses with GTM strategies. The tool spots opportunities earlier and helps convert faster.

Pro Tip : Use several filters and data sets to increase intent-based data for your business. SalesIntel is among the leading ZoomInfo alternatives that allows businesses to reach, target, and convert the ideal customers. Businesses can create a sales pipeline with accurate data to close more deals. Top B2B businesses including VanillaSoft and Attribution use this tool for intel on their target audience.

Pro Tip : Combine direct dial data with purchase intent to personalize your communication and improve your lead generation processes. The Clearbit data activation platform, an excellent ZoomInfo alternative, provides businesses with an inside view into the market and the customers.

It helps companies build a personalized journey across intents. LeadFuze is a sales prospecting platform that makes for one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Be it sales professionals, marketers, or recruiters, this growth acceleration platform guarantees fresh and relevant leads for everyone. LeadFuze offers a trial that comes with 25 free credits for users to sample the product. It comes with three paid plans:. Pro Tip : LeadFuze offers really unique options to narrow down your search—for instance, you can target prospects that are spending a particular amount of money on paid ads.

How cool is that? FAQs Q1. What is the best alternative to ZoomInfo? However, its Professional plan comes with a day free trial. ZoomInfo is a contact data and management platform that boosts business development. It comes with a suite of tools that aids sales and marketing teams in understanding their audience and finding new prospects.

Although they can seem similar, Salesforce provides more advanced functionality for users to manage their sales funnel. For price information on higher-tier plans, you need to contact the vendor.

ZoomInfo gathers information about a person or company from multiple sources that are also searched by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. It obtains data for its Public Profiles in several ways including its Vast Contributory Network, third-party expert partners, and machine learning tools.

ZoomInfo is legal because it only collects business-related contact data such as email addresses or job titles. The platform also aligns with relevant data protection laws and privacy laws such as the GDPR. There is no doubt that ZoomInfo is a spectacular tool for growing your business. All 17 ZoomInfo alternatives mentioned in this article will also help you find new prospects, eventually improving your bottom line.

So, be sure to compare all the tools and their features, and keep this listicle handy to make a well-informed decision. Which of these platforms are you keen on using? If yes, tell us about your experience in the comments below. Grew an agency from 5-figure to 7-figure revenue in just two years 10X leads 2. Submitting incorrect or invalid details will lead to no response. Word Count: words Est.

Reading Time: 32 mins. You know it—profitable growth. But you know what else? There are several other ZoomInfo alternatives you can consider. Sounds good? How to Start a Blog that Makes Money.


Who are zoominfo top 3 competitors – none:. ZoomInfo Vs LeadiQ – My Honest Review (2022)


Factors or events that could cause our actual results to differ may emerge from time to time, and it is not possible for us to predict all of them. Our forward-looking statements do not reflect the potential impact of any future acquisitions, mergers, dispositions, joint ventures, investments, or other strategic transactions we may make. You should not place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements. Each forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date of the particular statement, and we undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise, except as required by law.

Risk Factor Summary. We are subject to various risks that could have a material adverse impact on our financial position, results of operations or cash flows.

The following is a summary of the principal factors that make investing in our securities risky and may cause our actual results to differ materially from forward-looking statements included in this Annual Report on Form K. Website Disclosure.

The Company intends to use its website as a distribution channel of material company information. The information on our website is not incorporated herein or otherwise a part of this Annual Report on Form K. Industry and Market Data. References herein to the Company being a leader in a market or product category refer to our belief that we have a leading market share position in each specified market, unless the context otherwise requires.

PART I. ITEM 1. ZoomInfo is a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence for sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting teams. RevOS — our modern, cloud-based operating system for revenue professionals — delivers comprehensive and high-quality intelligence and analytics to provide sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals accurate information and insights on the organizations and professionals they target.

This enables our customers to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates by empowering sellers, marketers, and recruiters to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

This data engine along with our team of research analysts and data scientists enrich our platform by providing deep insights, such as personnel moves, pain points, or planned investments, technologies used by companies, intent signals, decision-maker contact information, advanced attributes such as time series growth, granular department and location information, and employee trends , organizational charts, news and events, hierarchy information, locations, and funding details.

DiscoverOrg achieved significant organic growth since its founding and acquired Zoom Information, Inc. The combined business was incorporated as the former ZoomInfo Technologies Inc.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver, Washington. Our primary website address is www. Our Platform. Our modern, cloud-based operating system for revenue professionals delivers comprehensive and high-quality intelligence and analytics to provide sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals accurate information and insights on the organizations and professionals they target. We enhance the breadth of this intelligence with deep insights, such as personnel moves, pain points, or planned investments, technologies used by companies, intent signals, decision-maker contact information, advanced attributes such as time series growth, granular department and location information, and employee trends , organizational charts, news and events, hierarchy information, locations, and funding details.

This degree view provides detailed understanding, and coupled with our analytics, shortens sales cycles and increases win rates by enabling sellers, marketers, and recruiters to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Our intelligence is kept up to date in real time. This is accomplished through a combination of robust systems and processes leveraging AI, ML, and our proprietary human-in-the-loop approach.

Our Data Engine. We deliver high-quality intelligence at scale by leveraging an AI and ML-powered engine that gathers data from millions of sources and standardizes, matches to entities, verifies, cleans, and applies the processed data to companies and people at scale.

We aggregate and extract distinct types of data, such as revenue, locations, technologies, keywords, contact information, including email addresses, titles, and phone numbers, and many others, from millions of public and proprietary sources. Our evidence-based ML algorithm scores, ranks, and makes determinations about these billions of data points each week. To help train our AI and ML technologies and augment our contributory network, we have a team of research analysts and data scientists with deep expertise in cleaning business-to-business data.

This human-in-the-loop team plays a strategic role, focusing on quality assurance and addressing data and intelligence gaps that technology alone cannot solve. We have processes in place to use our research team to tag anomalies in data, review data pieces that require another manual verification, identify patterns to transform this understanding into algorithms, and identify methods to automate data gathering.

Our Competition. We believe there are currently no competitors who offer a sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting intelligence platform as comprehensive as ours. We are able to provide measurable revenue improvement; accuracy, depth and coverage of data; unique data points to leverage insights; and a platform that can be integrated and automated with a variety of CRM, marketing, operations, or recruiting platforms.

We believe the principal factors that drive competition between vendors in the market include:. We believe we compete favorably across these factors. We have achieved a median sales cycle of less than 30 days from opportunity creation to close. Our Customers. Our large and diversified customer base spans a wide variety of industry verticals, including software, business services, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, media and internet, transportation, education, hospitality, and real estate.

Our customers range from the largest global enterprises, to mid-market companies, down to small businesses. Intellectual Property. Protecting our intellectual property and proprietary technology is an important aspect of our business.

We rely on a combination of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret laws in the United States and other jurisdictions, as well as written agreements and other contractual provisions, to protect our proprietary technology, processes, and other intellectual property. We also have a portfolio of registered domain names including zoominfo. In addition, we generally enter into confidentiality agreements and invention or work product assignment agreements with employees and contractors involved in the development of our proprietary intellectual property.

We intend to pursue additional intellectual property protection to the extent we believe it would be beneficial and cost-effective. Data Privacy and Protection. The business contact information and other data we collect and process are an integral part of our products and services. Regulators around the world have adopted or proposed requirements regarding the collection, use, transfer, security, storage, destruction, and other processing of personal data.

Furthermore, other data privacy or data protection laws or regulations are under consideration in other jurisdictions, both in the form of entirely new laws such as in India, and in the form of updates to existing privacy laws, such as in Canada and Australia. Laws such as these give rise to an increasingly complex set of compliance obligations on us, as well as on many of our customers.

These laws impose restrictions on our ability to gather personal data and provide such personal data to our customers, provide individuals with the ability to opt out of such personal data collection, and place downstream obligations on our customers relating to their use of the information we provide. These complex laws may be implemented, interpreted, or enforced in a non-uniform or inconsistent way across jurisdictions and we may not be aware of every development that impacts our business.

These laws may also require us to make additional changes to our services in order for us or our customers to comply with such legal requirements. It may also increase our potential liability as a result of higher potential penalties for noncompliance. These and other legal requirements could reduce our ability to gather personal data used in our products and services. They could reduce demand for our services, require us to take on more onerous obligations in our contracts, restrict our ability to store, transfer and process personal data.

For example, in the European Union Court of Justice struck down a permitted personal data transfer mechanism between the European Union and the United States and introduced requirements to carry out transfer impact assessments in relation to the use of Standard Contractual Clauses, the most commonly used data transfer mechanism. Use of other data transfer mechanisms now involves additional compliance steps and in the event any court blocks personal data transfers to or from a particular jurisdiction on the basis that certain or all such transfer mechanisms are not legally adequate, this could give rise to operational interruption in the performance of services for customers and internal processing of employee information, greater costs to implement alternative data transfer mechanisms that are still permitted, regulatory liabilities, or reputational harm.

The cost of complying with existing or new data privacy or data protection laws and regulations may limit our ability to gather the personal data needed to provide our products and services. It could negatively impact the use or adoption of our products and services or products and services similar to ours, reduce overall demand for our products and services, or products and services similar to ours, make it more difficult for us or competitive solutions to meet expectations from or commitments to customers and users, lead to significant fines, penalties, or liabilities for noncompliance, impact our reputation, or slow the pace at which we close sales transactions, any of which could harm our business.

Even the perception that the privacy of personal data is not satisfactorily protected or does not meet regulatory requirements could discourage prospective customers from subscribing to our products or services or discourage current customers from renewing their subscriptions. Compliance with any of the foregoing laws and regulations can be costly and can delay or impede the development of new products or services. We may incur substantial fines if we violate any laws or regulations relating to the collection or use of personal data.

Our actual or alleged failure to comply with applicable privacy or data security laws, regulations, and policies, or to protect personal data, could result in enforcement actions and significant penalties against us, which could result in negative publicity or costs, subject us to claims or other remedies, and have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, and results of operations. Our respect for laws and regulations regarding the collection and processing of personal data underlies our strategy to improve our customer experience and build trust.

Our privacy team is devoted to processing and fulfilling any requests regarding access to and deletion of their contact information in our platform. We have implemented a program for providing direct notifications to individuals.

In addition, we endeavor to honor opt-out requests across our entire database. Our privacy and legal teams are focused on any applicable privacy laws and regulations and monitor changes to such laws and regulations with a view to implementing what we believe are best practices in the industry. Our sales, privacy, and data practices teams are well versed in helping customers and prospective customers navigate relevant privacy concerns and requirements with respect to our platform.

Human Capital. As of December 31, , we had 2, employees, consisting of in cost of service, 1, in sales and marketing, in research and development, and in general and administrative. Diversity and Inclusion. We place a high value on diversity and inclusion and are committed to ensuring that our organization creates a sense of belonging for all employees.

Understanding that representation matters, as part of our Global Inclusion and Diversity Initiative GIDI , we take an active role in focusing on the equity, advancement, and empowerment of all communities, and strategize ways to increase diversity through recruitment, retention, professional development, diversity education, and community outreach. As ZoomInfo continues to grow, we want to empower all employees to excel in their professional objectives and feel proud to work for a company that celebrates their individuality while recognizing their differences.

We believe in the power of the team. Winning teams look for the best talent, regardless of background. We know that employees are our greatest asset, and we are proud of the diversity that we foster in our workplaces. As of December 31, , our U. Benefits, Safety, and Wellness. We aim to offer fair compensation and benefits that encourage employee well-being, as well as attract and retain top talent. Our compensation packages provide a competitive salary and bonus, medical, dental, vision, retirement benefits, and generous paid time off.

To address the safety and health of our employees during the COVID pandemic, in the first quarter of , we temporarily closed all of our offices and enabled our entire workforce to work remotely. We are proud of the great flexibility and engagement demonstrated by our employees during this time, allowing us to preserve business continuity without sacrificing our commitment to keeping our team and our communities safe.

Training and Development. Ensuring our employees have access to development opportunities and understand how to grow their career at ZoomInfo is a key tenet of our talent and engagement practices. As part of our efforts, we invest in a robust learning management system for employees, complete with online courses and live training on a variety of topics.

To recognize and promote outstanding employees, we perform a comprehensive annual talent review process, through which we empower employees to drive their professional development in a way that also aligns with company objectives and values. The Compensation Committee of our board of directors reviews and oversees our incentive compensation plans, while the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our board of directors oversees and approves the management continuity planning process.

Available Information. The SEC maintains an Internet site that contains reports, proxy and information statements and other information regarding issuers that file electronically with the SEC at www. The contents of these websites are not incorporated into this filing. ITEM 1A. We are subject to various risks that could have a material adverse impact on our financial position, results of operations, or cash flows. Although it is not possible to predict or identify all such risks and uncertainties, they may include, but are not limited to, the factors discussed below.

The risks described herein are not the only risks we may face. Additional risks and uncertainties not currently known to us or that we currently deem to be immaterial may also materially adversely affect our financial position, results of operations or cash flows. You should carefully review the information provided in this section before making an investment in our Company. Risks Related to Our Business and Industry. The ongoing COVID pandemic, including the resulting global economic uncertainty and measures taken in response to the pandemic, could materially impact our business and future results of operations and financial condition.

The ongoing COVID pandemic continues to disrupt the global economy and put unprecedented strains on governments, health care systems, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals around the world. You can get the program running within an hour without watching tutorials. So you can save time by removing the hassle of setting up. Another great thing about ZoomInfo is that it lets you export the different contacts.

You can transport the leads promptly to different systems without requiring guidance. The platform customizes the pricing plan for each customer, so you cannot know the exact amount until you send your details. However, most clients have reviewed that ZoomInfo is relatively expensive.

You can get a similar service from different competitors without breaking your bank. Some also offer fixed pricing plans for flexibility instead of only customized packages. LeadiQ also has a simple interface to help you easily navigate the system. Traded as. Vancouver, Washington. Zoom Information, Inc. Business Wire. Retrieved February 5, Retrieved April 8, August 27, I used it for one quarter but it was not generating enough business and during the pandemic, I just could not afford it.

I stopped using it and told customer service I needed to cancel it. I had to pay or be turned over to collection, so in 2 days I will start getting collection calls and my credit will most likely be ruined.

Do not use them. They used our company info and make up information. The owners name listed is a lies. Employees and revenue all lies. Total fraud – no respect for privacyThey posted wrong information about me without my permission.

I submitted request to remove my information multiple time. They posted wrong information about me without my permission. I submitted request to remove my information multiple time- Terrible hijacking of information. ZoomInfo delivers the most accurate B2B contact data and B2B contact lists to fuel your business initiatives. Jobs Recruiting Share Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional – e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Ratings On Other Platforms Trustpilot.

Corporate Values. Overview ZoomInfo has a consumer rating of 1 star from 61 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars 0. Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video.

English only. Lynn P. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. Paulina S. Verified purchase. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 2. Elizabeth B. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 3.

Briana C. Melissa W. Edward D. Marietta M. Run for your life! Tip for consumers: scam and liars Products used: they did not have all that they promised to have. Nina C. Dan B. Philip R. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. Charles C. And yes, Zoom is actually a customer, to make things more confusing. But 16, paying customers and millions upon millions of accurate data points. That’s impressive. Lewis: That’s really impressive. And I guess, I’m just trying to think about the value prop side from companies hopping in there and writing the information.

Is it almost like, if Redfin were to say, is this your house? Like, do you own the fact that this is your house or, you know, Google saying, if people are googling your business, do you own this business, would you like to correct the information in here? Is that kind of the right way to think about this? Feroldi: It seems to be somewhere along those lines.

And they use verified email addresses, they use direct calling. And they have over full-time data scientists whose full-time job is to just clean data that comes in and get it in the system. They also make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And again, with all of that scrubbing of a huge amount of databases, that’s how they can make these claims that their org charts are correct.

But this is a system that is designed to get better and better over time, and smarter and smarter over time. Lewis: I like that you threw out there their staffing decisions and how many people they have working specifically in the data world.

Because we can look at a lot of businesses and understand, you know, from a human capital perspective, where they’re going based on where they’re making those investments. You know, for some businesses, we look and we say, “Wow! They are mostly engineers at this company.

So, seeing that they’re investing heavily there is obviously backing the importance of that for the platform. Feroldi: Yeah, that right there alone I think does give them some moat in some sense. I mean, hiring and training and getting people to just gather, collect, and sort through data that you essentially then resell — that’s a hard thing for somebody else to duplicate. And one question that I had when I first started researching this company was, well, how is this different than, say, a Salesforce.

Those systems have been around for a long time, and there’s lots of competitors in that space. The thing that they point out is, while those systems are incredibly useful and important, they still rely on data being generated by the salespeople.

And I can also attest to this. I was a heavy Salesforce. And we were uploading data into Salesforce constantly that we were gathering from the field. So, again, ZoomInfo actually has an integration directly with Salesforce so that you can buy the data from ZoomInfo and integrate it into Salesforce to make that data-gathering process better.

Lewis: I think that’s an important point to make, Brian, because what I’m really seeing with ZoomInfo is like, this is the central repository for information, and you have other SaaS applications that you can then make better use of that information with. And the nice thing here is they also eat their own cooking. I mean, one of the founders here, I’m going to get into him a little bit more, he himself was a salesperson, and he knows what it’s like to have a quota over your head.

If you’ve never had a quota over your head, I assure you it is a stressful thing. And your employer looks upon your career, whether or not you can hit your numbers. He built this company, in a very real way, to help salespeople hit their numbers.

So, this is a company that if it doesn’t hit its numbers, [laughs] boy! Lewis: [laughs] Yeah, I guess so. That’s eating your own cooking in, kind of, the truest sense.

Why don’t we talk a little about some of the core numbers? You gave a quick picture at some of their user and business numbers, but let’s dive a little bit more into that. Feroldi: Yeah, the numbers here are both fantastic and also really confusing. In , this company was originally called DiscoveryOrg, sic [DiscoverOrg] and last year, in February of , they purchased another company that was similar to them.

And the combined company took the name on ZoomInfo. Lewis: That is excellent. And I think maybe we should uncouple the idea of organic growth a little bit, because it can be a little confusing for people.

Feroldi: Sure. Organic growth is revenue that is generated from products or services that are homegrown. Inorganic growth is when you buy another company and then you get to add that company’s revenue to yours.

Lewis: Yeah. And that’s like that we’ll hone in on particularly close to an acquisition, and over time as an acquisition, especially if it’s an integrated acquisition where you aren’t running two things separately, you are basically working them in together, depends on the business, it will fade in terms of its relevance.

But if there are those operations where you have something that’s bolt-on or you have a particularly acquisitive company, the organic growth versus overall growth is always an important thing to look at. You really just want to understand, you know, where is this coming from? If you see awesome top-line growth, and organic growth is basically flat, that business isn’t really doing all that much with its core operations, it’s only growing because it’s continuing to buy other companies.

And that strategy does work for some businesses, but personally, I do not want to invest in companies that only rely on acquisitions to grow their top line. But the rest of the company’s income statement was equally as impressive. Lewis: That’s darn impressive. And we can talk a little bit more about the financials and roll through those.

But when you see a big gap between those two things, is that a yellowish or reddish flag until you do a little bit more digging and understand what’s going on there? Feroldi: I give companies such as this — I make a note of it basically.

Whenever a company goes from not public to public, we see a whole bunch of numbers just go completely wonky. Pinterest comes to mind. Prior to coming public, what was their stock-based compensation? So, a whole bunch of one-time things like that can make these numbers look a little bit crazy.

So, I always keep that in mind. The same thing with acquisitions. So, those numbers are about as wide as I’ve ever seen. If you agree with what those puts and takes are, then you can accept that difference.

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